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Outrageous Sexy Living It's a lifestyle!

Outrageous Sexy Living It's a lifestyle!

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(CLICK IMAGE FOR INFO. ) September 1st – 7th, 2018. Enjoy retreating in one of Spain’s most vibrant cultures and landscapes; Experience what it’s like to Start Fresh-Live Happier, the theme of this extraordinary Retreat. Located near the beautiful, magical city, of Burgos. Stay in a “Living Heritage” palace, eat authentic gastronomy while learning to slow down, breath, try meditation/ yoga, star gaze and purposefully wander. Add one of our unique excursions…

The Start Fresh | Live Happier Retreat this September 2018, 1-7th,

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Hi, I’m Kathy,
I’m a lifestyle strategist, business idea provocateur, and community builder.
It’s been over seven years since I got really clear on what I want, sold my business & started “my brand” & new life in Spain.   I call it “Outrageous Sexy Living!”  And I’ve never looked back! 
Now it’s your turn.  What do YOU want?  
Whatever it is, my goal is to help you get clear: get empowered and get started living a life you truly love!
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My Current Location Madrid, Spain

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 No more aimless wandering toward happiness!

 It’s time to get obsessively specific about what you want & start filling your life with it.  

It’s never too late to start LIVING THE LIFE YOU TRULY LOVE! 

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  • What people are saying

    Kathy is a motivational and insightful guide with the ability to apply laser focus...

    Cheryl F. United Kingdom
    Health Coach & Wellness Advocate
  • What people are saying...

    For any of my friends considering a change or looking for guidance... She can help to guide you through your mental exploration of the idea and more.

    Nanette R., Virgin Islands, U.S.
    Speech Pathologist
  • What people are saying...

    I don’t feel like I’m out on my own trying to figure it out. Thanks KATHY for blazing the way!!

    Patricia H., Durham, NC
    Vice President, Marketing