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Outrageous Sexy Living It's a lifestyle!

Outrageous Sexy Living It's a lifestyle!

Hi, I’m Kathy. Are you ready?  It’s time to get obsessively specific about what lights-you-up & start filling your life with it.  It’s an outrageous feeling to dream big and make it happen, super sexy (that energy of vitality) to live it… at any AGE!
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 What do you want the next chapter of your life to look like?   Do you want more love, joy, passion, a fulfilling career or a beautiful relationship?  The POSSIBILITIES ARE INFINITE.
Get the clarity you need in this 5 nurturing day Retreat located in one of Spain’s most vibrant cultures alongside the healing path of the Camino De Santiago. Feel a deep connection to the other contemplative spirits who have traveled the Camino for centuries.  Take away a new excitement & clarity after submerging yourself in old traditions and new rituals.  Stay in an Authentic 400-Year-Old Palace. MORE…

The Start Fresh | Live Happier Retreat, September 1-6th 2018

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I’m a coach, lifestyle strategist, business idea provocateur.  Mentor, and community/network builder.
It’s been over seven years since I got really clear on what I want, sold everything & started “my brand” & new life in Spain.   I call it “Outrageous Sexy Living!”  
Now it’s your turn.
I work with exhausted creatives, entrepreneurs, and business professionals who have achieved success and want more.        
What’s next?
My goal is to help you get clear, empowered and started living a life you truly love!



My Current Location Madrid, Spain

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 No more aimless wandering toward happiness!

 It’s time to get obsessively specific about what you want & start filling your life with it.  

It’s never too late to start LIVING THE LIFE YOU TRULY LOVE! 

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