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Kathy Camp

     Hi, I’m Kathy,

And I am thrilled you’re here!   We are a lot alike… You & Me.

 We’re both trying to make a life we love.


I call it the “Outrageous Sexy Lifestyle.”

Because it’s an outrageous feeling to dream big and make it happen, super sexy (that energy of vitality) to live it!  

At any age!


A bit about me & my Journey…  I’m a regular girl who came from a small town in, Delaware.  I’ve always felt I could do anything I wanted.   Even in a time when women didn’t have many opportunities or role models.  With hard work and modeling myself after my father, I believed I could willfully make anything happen.  So I created a beautiful business and had 20+ fantastic years as an Interior Designer… my dream job!


Then as in life… things change.


I didn’t loose my job, I didn’t have a traumatic event, nor…thank goodness did I become ill, I just wanted to see if there could be more to my life than working, accumulating things, and then quietly walking off into a boring retirement.  

What I really wanted to do was to reinvent my life more-in-line with who I was becoming.  


Now I live in Spain!


It’s been 5 + years since I sold everything and move my single self with 2 suitcases and a laptop to Spain.  So much has changed in me and my life that I just had to start writing about it.  I hope you enjoy this crazy little blog where I share my observations and what I have learned through this experience.


Kathy Camp
 Hi There,
I love helping passionate women find out how to get what they want in their lives and businesses.  Contact me here and say HI and let me know how I can help. http://kathycamp.com/contact/ 
I am a serial business owner with over 20 years of experience.  I’m also a certified health, lifestyle coach, & yoga instructor.  Which, as I look back has proven to be pretty handy navigating my life here. Presently I am living my dream in Spain.  You can check out More About My professional business Journey ,HERE.

You might be wondering where my background comes from.  It’s a hybrid. Some comes from my design school training. Some comes from 20+ years of learning while working on my business, and at times working with various business coaches. Some comes from applying personal growth I learned while reading various self-help texts. While other parts come from the wisdom of the spiritual books I grew up reading. Then add in my certification as a Health/Lifestyle Coach and Yoga Instructor.  

But mostly it comes from the lessons I’ve learned on my journey.

My generation was a part of the generation influenced by the “Charlie Girl” and “The fry it up in a pan… never forget he’s a MAN!” advertisements. My generation opened the doors and walked idealistically into the boardroom thinking we could have it all only later in life thinking we missed something.

There’s a life MBA in me and a spiritual seeker. There’s part of me that loves to figure things out and create “real doable” results-oriented processes and part of me that’s the artist with eyes, hands and a heart that seeks & loves to create beauty. A unique blend of right brain and left brain.

In these blog posts, coaching opportunities, programs, and retreats, you’ll learn tactics that I’ve used myself and with my clients to get the clarity you need to get what-you-want.

No more self-doubt. You can be fearless you and get what you want without needing anyone’s permission. It’s my passion that you do!

No more listening to the voice inside that is sure you’re not qualified enough, smart enough, experienced enough, good at what you do enough and of course couldn’t possibly handle what you want.

How are you holding yourself back? Where are you holding yourself back? I want to hear your story. I am continually amazed by the talents and abilities of my clients. I’m inspired by their passions and desires that are waiting to be exposed to the world.


Ready to “up” your game?  

Have you ever felt like time is flying by?  Every day looking the same as the years go past?    


You’ve never been more equipt than you are today.  Did you know the experience you have been gathering all these years is your most reliable friend in figuring out and getting what you want?  

You’ve just needed the know-how to use it and the confidence to try it out.  

AND That is where I can help. 


I Am In Love With The Life I Have Created, In Spain. 

What is it for you?



It’s been over five years since I made my life changing move abroad.

 Many have asked how-I-did-it?  In a Nut Shell… It was a process, and that is what this website is all about sharing. 


This amazing way of life is for any woman who is ready to reclaim her power & uniqueness.  Are you ready to live with more energy and passion?  Then this is for you.


{And… If you also choose to do it in the beautiful surroundings of another country, I can show you how to do that too! }


P.S. Just to let you know…  You can check out More About My Journey Here


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    Kathy is a motivational and insightful guide with the ability to apply laser focus...

    Cheryl F. United Kingdom
    Health Coach & Wellness Advocate
  • What people are saying...

    For any of my friends considering a change or looking for guidance... She can help to guide you through your mental exploration of the idea and more.

    Nanette R., Virgin Islands, U.S.
    Speech Pathologist
  • What people are saying...

    I don’t feel like I’m out on my own trying to figure it out. Thanks KATHY for blazing the way!!

    Patricia H., Durham, NC
    Vice President, Marketing