“Hello, There!… Let me just say, thank you in advance for your heartfelt interest with your submission request.  Now let’s started”  Kathy 




We accept a limited number of guest submissions and are looking for different well-written articles designed to nourish uplift and inspire women in the purpose-motivated, creative stage of their lives.

Please consider the following categories for your Submissions:
– Soulful entrepreneurship
– Mentoring
– Purpose/ Meaning Revealed Story
– Creativity
– Personal stories that uplift and inspire
– Relationships
– Self-care
– Home and Health
– Travel

Inspire us, with fresh-out-of-the-box creative, meaningful content that is love based and sophisticated… & surprising. I love conversation starters! Think intimate and transformational with the subtle power of healing and laughter. The kind of story that lets others know that there are people, just like them out there. Use an honest, warm tone like you are writing to someone you know and love. Write what you’ve learned and experienced and or need to hear. Write about what moves you; something you love to share and that your reader can take away.

Articles submit your 700 to 1,000-word article in a word document that also includes an eye-catching and sophisticated title and your written bio with appropriate media links. Please use at least two media links in your article.
Include an author photo but attach it separately do not embed into your article submission. If you have personal photos you’d like to accompany your article you may submit them. But reserves the right to publish the article with or without your photos. All quotes used in your story must be properly credited. Use quotation marks.


if your submission is accepted for publication we will reach out to you. Please do not email or follow up.  Let me apologize in advance as we do not have enough staff to reply to every submission.

If you do not hear from us within 6 to 8 weeks, please do not take this as a mark against your work it simply means that the content does not meet what we are looking for at this particular moment.

Thank you again for your interest  We are honored and can’t wait to see what you have for us thank you so much! 


Please email with the word “submissions” in the title to

Thank you, Kathy